Physician Work Life

Time Saving Tips for Physicians:

More efficient use of electronic resources

June 2010


Email Management

PROBLEM: I keep getting a "Your mailbox is over its size limit" message. What can I do?

SOLUTION: You can avoid email overload by taking the following steps:

- Step 1: Manage your inbox.

- Step 2: Email management training

  • Contact Joan Swift, PHS Information Systems, at Joan has materials that she can share, or you can schedule to have her visit a department meeting to discuss email management.

- Step 3: Request an increase in your inbox size.

  • Call PHS Information Systems at (617) 732-6370. This is a temporary solution. It is recommended that you do steps 1 and 2.


PROBLEM: I am unable to send PowerPoint presentations or large PDFs through email. Is there any other way to send large files?

SOLUTION: The following is an easy-to-use and free file sharing tool from Partners:

- Partners Research Computing File Sharing Service is a web-based tool that lets you send up to 20 GB (gigabytes). Visit


Remote Access

PROBLEM: I am at a computer outside the Partners network, and I need access to email, patient information, personal files, and/or shared files. What are my options?

SOLUTION: There are two options:

- Option 1: VPN

- Option 2: GoToMyPC - this is a web-based system that is safe, secure, approved by Partners IS, and highly recommended by those who are currently using it. The cost is $85 per year per user.


PROBLEM: I only need access to my email, Partners Telephone Directory, or patient information. How can I get to these?

SOLUTION: The following are web-based solutions for access to specific sites:

- If you need access to your email only, visit:

- If you need access to the Partners Telephone Directory only, visit:

- If you need patient information only, visit LMR on the Internet (LoTi):


Connectivity to Other Systems

PROBLEM: I'm not sure where I can access information about Partners, BWH, and/or BWPO?

SOLUTION: There are 4 main sites where you can access a wide range of information, documents, and forms.

- From outside the Partners network:

- From within the Partners network:


Benefits and Perks

PROBLEM: I'm not sure where to find information about my benefits as a BWPO physician?

SOLUTION: The following are places where you can find benefits information:

- The BWPO Intranet site:

  • Contains information on physician benefits, forms, payroll, and HR contact information.

- Peoplesoft, located under Partners Applications or via the web at

  • You can view and change your benefits information on Peoplesoft

- Email the BWPO Professional Staff Benefits Office at


PROBLEM: I'm not sure where to find information about special offers and perks for BWH/BWPO physicians?

SOLUTION: There are a couple places where you can find out about perks, events, and other offerings:

- BWH Perks Website at

  • You will need to be on Partners computer or logged in via remote access to view. You can also email the Perks Department at

- HMS Innings & Outings at

  • All HMS appointed physicians can subscribe for free by following the instructions for new users, which can be accessed by clicking the link to the right of the "Login" button.

Last updated 7/6/2010