BWH Physicians' Council

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Welcome to the Physicians' Council Website! The Brigham and Women’s Physicians' Council is comprised of 18 physician members who represent each of the hospital’s departments and the private staff. Each member is selected by their Chief to serve on the Council for a two-year term, and members can be reelected to subsequent terms.

These physicians work together to develop specific initiatives to enhance the professional lives of BWH physicians. The group’s main areas of focus are physician leadership, physician volunteerism and physician work life balance.

Please view the different pages to the right to learn more about the specific programs and initiatives that the Council is currently working on.

You are encouraged to speak to your department’s Physicians' Council representative about any of the Council’s work if you have questions or interest in getting involved.


The 2013 – 2015 Council members are as follows:

Anesthesiology                                     Lisa Crossley

Dermatology                                         Jennifer Tan

Emergency Medicine                           Joshua Kosowsky (Co-Chair)

Medicine                                                 James Maguire

                                                                 Jill Goldman

Neurology                                              Tracey Milligan

Neurosurgery                                        Ian Dunn

Newborn Medicine                               Robert Insoft

Obstetrics and Gynecology                Jon Einarsson

Orthopedics                                          Brandon Earp

Pathology                                              Bradley Quade

Surgery                                                  Jennifer Irani

Psychiatry                                              David Gitlin

Radiation Oncology                            Clair Beard

Radiology                                             Richard Baum

Private Staff Association                    Brian Bilchik

BWPO Chief Medical Officer             Jessica Dudley (Co-Chair)