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About Pikenotes Policies

Several policy manuals have moved to a new system called ellucid. Policies in the following manuals are no longer available on PikeNotes:

Administrative and Medical Staff Manual
Billing Compliance
Care Coordination
Emergency Department
Emergency Management (formerly Crisis Resource Manual)
Health Information Services
Nursing Administrative Manual
Nursing CWN Clinical Practice Manual
Nursing Clinical Practice Manual
Perioperative Services
Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual
Rehabilitation Services
Respiratory Therapy

Click here to search in the new ellucid system.

For questions regarding the ellucid system please contact BWHClinicalCompliance@partners.org

Human Resources policies are available on the Internet so existing and prospective employees can access them from home.

HR policies are not searchable from BWHPikeNotes.

Partners policies and policies from other Partners' entities are available on Partners Pulse.

If you have a policy that you would like to add to this section, please check with your manager or supervisor and contact BWHIntranet@partners.org